Easter Vacation

We didn’t go anywhere, but it was the best Easter break ever! It was the first Easter since 2012 that we were able to go to church as a family.

We were able to have Drake’s baptism at the Easter vigil service, and Nana, Papa and Aunt Amy were able to be here! I am always excited to spend time with my folks. Since moving here 10 years ago, we rarely get to spend a holiday with them and visits tend to be around six months apart.

We filled a beautiful spring week with love, laughter, and memories. It was wonderful and just what I needed.

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New Things for Spring

I have had a rough week. Drake being so sick from his cold/ear weighs heavily on me, and I had a bout with anxiety on Monday when I took him for his new AFO measurements. The orthotist was in the same building as my OB and Maternal Fetal group. That was a big wake up call for me. 

I have not been as good about praying, writing in my journal, or going to the gym as I had been over the winter. I actually did write a post about the panic attack, but I switched it to private. I need to make sure I take care of me and my mental health. I think I feel guilty for my feelings now where I used to just feel guilty that he came early. He is doing amazing. I feel like I don’t have the right to be crazy about the past anymore. I do know that is silly. We feel how we feel. All you can do is figure out how to wade through it and not get bogged down.

I hope that I can get everything back to a firm middle ground because I received news I had been waiting for. I have been accepted into an masters program, and now I have been given the green light to start my orientation period next week. This is a 14 year old goal of mine, and I really think Drake has given me the courage to pursue it. I do worry whether I can keep my little universe running smoothly, but I know my family is on my side and we can move mountains!

My six month goals are:

1. Teach Drake to raise up on his toes and the awesome gross motor things that follow.

2. Go to the gym on my regular schedule and check in with my trainer once a week. The long term goal is to get off some medicine I’m on, and just be healthy.

3. Enjoy my studies. This program will involve a lot of analysis and a lot of writing. I’m nervous about re-entering the academic world after a 14 year hiatus, but I remember how much I used to love it.

4. Go to Disney World. We have our first real family vacation planned for October. I am so excited, and we are carefully planning all our Orlando/Space Coast fun. 2 days at various Disney things, a trip to Kennedy Space Center, and a day at the beach! 

I was in AFJROTC in high school, and we made many, many trips to the Houston Space Center. It has always fascinated me, and I can’t wait to see the other NASA facility and share it with Drake and the hubby. Keith and I first visited Orlando in 2009. We made the drive to and watch a shuttle launch offsite We even got certificates that have our names and the date as witnessing a shuttle launch. 


Missing Out

Drake has been sick since early Sunday. He finished a round of the pink stuff, and 4 days later the cough was back. I put in a call to his pediatrician who advised a wait and see for a few days unless his condition worsened.

It is week of the young child at his school, so his teachers have planned a lot of fun special activities for the students. They had a trike-a-thon for St. Jude with bike safety scheduled for Tuesday, a pizza and ice cream party on Wednesday, a magician for Thursday, and a teddy bear picnic Friday. Drake usually attends on Wednesday/Thursday only, but they told me we could drop by for the other events if I wanted.

Tuesday, the fever was gone, but the cough was still in scary gross stage and it was damp so I kept him home. Wednesday he was a 98.4, chipper, and asking to go for “cream” so I took him to school. At 11:45, I got a call that he was saying his ear hurt in back and his temp was back up to 102. So I picked him up and got him into the ped’s office. Yep, 1st ear infection. :(

Still feverish and snuggly today, but doing a bit better. It does make me think of that year in isolation and all the firsts.

I know it happens once in a while to all kids though. My brother broke out in chicken pox the day of the 1st grade zoo trip. I had a stomach virus in 8th grade when I was supposed to get to travel to Dallas with my enrichment class to see Phantom of the Opera.

At least, he’s too little to know he missed much. Like the Cubbies, there’s always next year!



Night-Night Shoes and new Daytime support

Our orthopedic follow up on D’s Ponseti treatment was awesome. His nurse and doctor couldn’t believe that he was the same 4 pounder they met in April 2012. 6 rounds of casting, 3 months of 24/7 brace wear, and 2 years of “night night shoes” and we are halfway done. His flexibility and bone structure looked good, and I got a mommy gold star for being a good patient and practicing good brace protocols.

From the crying 1 year old who took games, songs and both parents to get his shoes on properly, we now have an amazing two year old who gets his brace and brings it to me when he wants to go to bed early. He insists on attempting to do the buckles himself, and gives himself “mustaches” with the center bar. Daddy’s amazing game that got us through the 12-20 month old period.

I am excited about finding out the next step in his daytime orthotics from his physical therapist at PT on Friday. I think we’re going to be going with sure steps, and hopefully it will give him the support and stability he needs to continue making gross motor progress.

I feel a little guilty that he will have a new set of orthotics to deal with. My husband and I spent a long time debating it, but if we can help him avoid the pain that ruining his ankle ligaments would cause as well as be able to run with his school friends it will all be worth it.


March Fun

March has been a busy month, in a good way. I made my doctor happy with the progress on my health, we had some good follow ups for Drake, and we finally got some small glimpses of spring weather!

I had a St. Patrick’s Day post all planned out, but we were busy having fun and getting to and from school and work.

We are on our second round of antibiotics. He still had a lingering cough from the cold he had a few weeks ago. I don’t like the coughing fits after lots of running and activity. I’m just not sure what to do about it yet.

We did get the referral for Sure Steps orthotics. We will be working on that when his Physical Therapist gets back next week.

Happy 2nd homecoming anniversary/NICU grad day, Drake!










Follow-Ups and a Bit About Me

Today we have our annual follow-up with Orthopedics at Cincinnati Children’s. This will complete our round of follow-ups that run December to March. The only other appointments D will have until next December will be his therapy visits and any sick visits. Talk about an awesome milestone!

I am nervous about today. He will get x-rays of his feet to make sure that all the bones are still growing in the right direction and that we are using his “nite-nite shoes” properly to maintain the correction. I’m also going to have his Ortho surgeon check out the recommendations we have from his physical therapist so we can see what move she thinks we should make about his low tone and hypermobile joints. He’s getting around much better these days, but PT is worried about injury or too much stretching to his ankle ligaments without support now.

When prematurity first struck, I went into salvage mode. For a while, I was just slammed with hormones, with emotions,  medical issues,  insurance issues, and dealing with the rest of the world issues. Then the first year was medical thing after medical thing worse than the NICU for us. The second year was about growth. I found my groove. Things with D got exponentially better with the right medical and development team.

Recently, with D going to school two days a week, I have increased my work hours and started remembering that I love my job and I was really good at it. I am so thankful that they allowed me the flexibility both to bring him to work on occasion or work from home as needed. I didn’t have to make some hard choices my work was as great a support system as my family.

Now, I’m ready to get back to some things I had planned for during my medical leave that I put on hold. I’m investigating some Master degree programs that will allow me to continue my current work in higher education while possibly preparing me for involvement with curriculum development or even classroom training.

I feel more ME than I have in a long time, and I think that is as good for my family and its future as it is for me.


I Think I Miss Isolation

Drake and I are sick…again. I know some of it is starting preschool. I just didn’t think I would actually miss isolation! People are just not shy about sharing their germs with others.

At least two family members admitted to me that they felt under the weather before/at the birthday party, but instead of keeping their distance as they would have last year they thought it was safe to be around him. Safe or not, the poor kid has been sick since New Year’s Eve we could at least refrain from shoving germs in his face, am I right?

Spring is just 15 days away. Spring is just 15 days away.

I’m ready for some of this action:

1st swing at the park

1st swing at the park – April 2013


Drake’s 2nd Birthday

February 20th, 2014

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