Back to School, Work, Life

In two weeks, I will officially go back to full-time hours at work. By January, I will have completed enough Master’s level courses to try teaching my first class, so this fall I am receiving mentoring on instructional design and classroom management. In the midst of all of that excitement, Drake will be going to school full-time for the first time. Since February, he’s been going part-time 2 days a week while I go to the office. He’s been doing really well, so we feel he’s ready for more.

I am super from being a domestic goddess, and for someone who is home a majority of the week my household chores could probably have been done a little better. However, I have lots of memories of morning walks, coloring and finger painting, dancing to Choo-Choo train songs, turning a kiddie couch into a car, table forts, and couch snuggles for story time. We had random trips to the zoo just to ride the train, therapy visits from EI, and going to the park after nap time.

I know I will always treasure this 2.5 years at home. At first, it was to protect his preemie immune system. Then, it was to make sure we made the most of his Early Intervention and other therapies. Now it’s time for him to learn how to enjoy the company of other kids and following a classroom routine, and it’s time for mommy to resume working. My little guy isn’t a fan of following plans that aren’t his own.

When we were first in the NICU and for the first year home, prematurity, its effects, and my guilt were all-consuming. These days, I follow more clubfoot treatment groups on Facebook than preemie ones. As he grows, I worry whether I am using his “night-night” shoes optimally to give him the best chance of full correction. We’ve had several nights of “ouch hurts” and “nite shoes off” screaming lately in the wee hours which always make me nervous, but usually ends up coinciding with a growth spurt.

I will never, ever forget my fear when he stopped breathing after choking due to GERD two months after coming home. The fear in the paramedic’s eyes on the ambulance ride to Children’s when he realized he didn’t have a mask small enough. Those memories are being supplanted by the sight of an excited two year old boy on a ferry ride or the thrill he has when he spots a train on a bridge.

We aren’t done dealing with the effects of prematurity. We’ve just been very lucky. He will probably always wear AFO’s for low muscle tone and weak ankles. We’re still pushing to get an MRI because he’s still showing some weakness on the left side versus the right that concerns his PT. But all in all, life is pretty sweet these days and thankfulness has finally overtaken fear.


Up All Night

Last night, I rocked D while he slept fitfully in 20 minute increments in between boits of screaming not crying and temperature spikes. This morning our pediatrician handed down the verdict, our first double ear infection.

While we were there, I had his blood checked, too. He’s just been lethargic and off for a bit, and yep his iron count is a on the low end of normal. We’re going to try a new vitamin and have a follow up.

We’ve now entered “mean” stage. My sweet baby is now a toddler who likes to slap and kick his frustrations. So far time outs to chill and learning to apologize are working.




More Summer Fun

This has been an awesome summer. I have finished my summer term of school, so I have 9 hours of my 34 for my masters completed. I have been asking this question a lot though… Where did this TALL kid come from?

We had some firsts this week like learning to fish! And we like to spend Friday nights playing at Toys R Us.









Crazy Busy Fun Summer

Big family weddings, moving up to the 2 year old room, zoo trips, and back yard fun. Yay SUMMER! Mommy finished her first class and Daddy starts a new promotion next month.

For Father’s Day,we took daddy to Slamology 2014 in Indy and spent the day looking at custom cars and trucks.

This Friday is our new IFSP and goal setting and we already have to meet with the school system! Hard to believe we’re at 28 months already.











First Paper Done and graded!

I was so nervous, and I stalked Task Stream like it was a piece of chocolate.

After two days, I got this awesome feedback:

“The submission provides insightful illustrations to support key points. Well done.”

So beyond excited. Now I have writer’s block for the second one. It’s probably bad manners to put that out there, but I’ll need it as a reminder later that I was good at something. :)

Our goals meeting for First Steps is Friday. Then IFSP in a couple of weeks. I’m not nervous anymore. With the SureSteps orthotics, he is making great gross motor progress. My only big concern is still his eating. He chews solids like hot dogs, chicken, etc. up and then spits them out. He will not swallow. He’ll eat spaghetti that’s cut up and cheese and cottage cheese and bananas. Anything textured or hard, he chews up and spits out. And I CANNOT get anyone else to care.



Mother’s Day Weekend

I received my first school card and gift that Drake made in school. LOVE, Love , love!

Picture Frame. The little bugs are made from his fingerprints.

Mother’s Day card featuring his first school pic!

Then we did our Mom’s Day outing on Saturday instead of Sunday. We took Drake to the Boone County Community Fair and to Spring Fest at Kinman Farms. He had his first hayride and petting zoo experience! Then we had our first family picnic at the park and played around until the thunderstorms came.

It was an awesome weekend, and I was so thankful to Gammy for watching Drake all day Friday. I was able to finish all but one section of my draft for my first assessment paper so I had the time to play hooky this weekend.











Flashback Friday

Today, Drake is going to the aquarium with Gammy while I try to finish the draft of my first assessment paper for school.

I walked by this photo in the hallway. I think of it every time I see a baby being fed. I was so happy and frightened to have him home.

Happy Mothers Day, preemie mamas!


Drake’s 2nd Birthday

February 20th, 2014

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