Reality Sets In

ALTE, stands for Acute Life-Threatening Episode. This is what my infant son spent Sunday night in the hospital for. I think I had blocked out how close we came to losing him until I read this diagnosis on his discharge papers.

That’s what choking on spit up and becoming nearly unresponsive means. Along with this dose of scary reality followed another, there are very few people I can trust to care for my child without me present.

His age and the likelihood of complications both respiratory and other surgical complications means his hernia repair needs to wait until he is at least 60 weeks gestational age. For the next 4.5 months, we will need to monitor his hernia closely for signs of strangulation or incarceration. His doctor even told me that if I didn’t seem like a conscientious parent he wouldn’t consider the wait as a possibility.

I’m scared and I’m praying like I never have in my life. God, please help me to care for this beautiful boy to protect him from his medical conditions and allow him to grow up to realize his potential.

Please God, now I’m begging.

It will be a busy week. On Monday, we had the discharge from Children’s Hospital and Drake’s surgery consult. On Wednesday, we follow up with his pediatrician. On Friday, he has his ultrasound to check for hip issues related to the clubfoot before his orthopedic appointment next Tuesday to remove his final cast and get his brace fitted.

Just another step in the journey.



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