Sunday was a BIG family milestone. We all got to attend church together on Sunday! It was Drake’s first visit to our church home since he was born. With our pediatrician’s advice to stay on RSV lockdown until mid-June, hot & stormy summer days, and one Sunday of our parish taking a trip to Indy to volunteer at our church’s general convention we hadn’t been able to get him there.

It’s another thing I had planned, like his birth, that didn’t go according to plan. Our church baptizes babies, but we have decided to wait until next summer for Drake’s. It’s hard to remind ourselves that we are on God’s time and Drake’s time, but it’s a good lesson to learn.

It was fun to watch him look around in amazement at the stained glass windows. He slept through most of the service cradled in Grandma’s arms. During announcements, our vicar welcomed us back and introduced the congregation to the baby they had been praying for. My eyes welled up and I lost it as they started applauding.

After church, we were overwhelmed by excited faces and we took pictures in the church and in the beautiful garden. Sunday really reminded us why we selected our church home. We have missed them all so much. I’m not looking forward to more isolation this winter, but I know we will be welcomed back with open arms upon our return.

For a different kind of family gathering, we went with my inlaws (including great granny, great aunt and great uncles) to lunch afterwards. A normal Sunday. Just like all the ones I had growing up. I was so thankful to finally share one with my son and husband.


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Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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