To Eat or Not to Eat…that is the question

Failed weight check. I had to remember our excitement when Drake was actually on the weight chart earlier than expected. No one, preemie parent or not ever wants to hear that their child may not be thriving.

I am trying to remind myself that it was a rough month for Drake. He had surgery and he’s battling the 2nd week of his first winter cold.

It just takes me back to that day in the NICU when my favorite nurse sat me down to talk about the need for additional metabolic testing for him. Or the day we were told on rounds that he needed to be taken up to 26 calorie formula because he just wasn’t gaining at a rate they would like to see.

His pediatrician did give us the go ahead to let him have fun on Thanksgiving. He definitely enjoyed “real” mashed potatoes and getting to smear his food around and make a big mess at Grandma’s.

3 more weeks until the follow up. We’ve changed things as suggested, and I’m hopeful for progress.



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