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Christmas and The Dreaded Weight Follow Up

Looming over our Christmas celebration was the dreaded weight check on Wednesday. It was coupled with Grandma’s bout of bronchitis that she came down with two days after keeping Drake for us.

So far no signs of cold or respiratory issues from the little guy, thank God. However, it just really brought home how vulnerable he is even with limited contact. It feels like everyone in our world is sick right now.

Christmas consisted of Mommy and Daddy taking turns poking holes in packages and trying to get him interested. At 10 months, you are apparently only interested in eating the bows. He did perform pretty well for two sets of video conferencing of our families though. We skyped my parents and sister in from Louisiana and we facetimed my husband’s mom and grandmother in (see bronchitis above), so despite preemiehood and RSV lockdown all grandparents got to witness the first ignoring of the gifts for the bows!

Wednesday morning, we woke to the pitter patter of freezing rain and sleet hitting the roof. Luckily, road crews had pre-treated all the main roads so it wasn’t too bad getting him to his pediatrician’s office.

After a short wait in the well child waiting area, we were called back. Side note, as part of my preemie mom issues I always try to get the 8am appointment before other germ infested people have been touching all over the waiting area.  We went through the feeding questions and then came time for the SCALE. I really did hear JAWS music, I swear.


After a month of extra feedings and new foods, that’s all we get. 12 oz  in 4 weeks. So then we waited for the doctor to bring his growth chart in. 15.5 was definitely not enough to get him back on his 1% track.

His pediatrician decided we should lay off some of the newer foods and resume 26 calorie/ounce formula feedings. My heart sank, and I was flashed back to the NICU and our metabolic scares. I knew he hadn’t gained enough just by looking at him, so it really shouldn’t have been a great shock.

Then came the time for the rest of his physical. His doctor took a much longer time with the stethoscope than normal, so I started thinking oh no respiratory infection.

“Have we ever checked out a murmur?” he asked me.

“Nope, everyone from his Neonatologist to the resident during June Refluxisode to you has heard it, but then not found it again.” I answered.

“Oh, but he has been seen by cardiology?” WTF?

No, he has not. And so with failure to thrive and now a very distinct murmur we have a cardiology referral.

So to keep our fun day after holiday streak going, we have an EKG and Cardiology appointment at Children’s on the 2nd.

Then, I realized I scheduled his 12 month wellness on his birthday. Here son, we can’t have a big party for you because of RSV lockdown oh and HERE ARE THESE AWESOME SHOTS! Best mom ever, right?

C’mon 2013, you can do better than 2012!



It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

Follow ups. LOTS of them. I know compared to a lot of preemie parents our slate of appointments is low load. Over the next few weeks we have Eyes (double check those retinas), Foot (make sure we’re keeping the same level of correction and dorsiflexion), Weight (day after Christmas, sadface) and ENT to check to see if the steroid injection is working. 

I received the formal report of Drake’s developmental assessment. The official diagnosis are prematurity and low birth weight of <1300g, developmental delays, and hypotonia of the  lower extremities. We go for a follow up in six months. Time to get him enrolled in EI, especially while I have the time to be at home and work with him. 

We have a mobile baby for Christmas! He is commando crawling EVERYWHERE with his belly on the floor, and pulling himself up to sit since Sunday. So proud of our little fella, go  buddy go! Although, mommy will miss the “swimming” it was just adorable to see him pinwheeling his legs and arms with his belly on the floor. 


Unfolding His Laundry

I found this image on my old cell phone. It’s the day we went home from the NICU with all 4lbs, 7oz of Drake. I couldn’t tell if he was breathing well in his seat so I held my finger under his nose the whole way home. 


Coming Home

Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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