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Birthday Fun

12 month wellness yesterday and a birthday!

At 12 months old

Height:  28 inches

Weight: 16pounds, 14ounces (exactly 8 times your birthweight!)

Head: Now at 17th percentile for actual age (way to go buddy!)

Notes: You get to come off Neosure and move to regular formula still mixed to 26 cal/oz for now. Enjoy all the “big people” food you’d like to! Doc says enjoy it while you can!

Favorite Toys: Shape Sorter, Learn n’ Play Piano, Any book you can get your hands on

Favorite Song: The theme to Star Trek: Enterprise, it’s a hoot to watch you hear it come on

Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes (I think cake now trumps it, followed closely by onion, mushroom LaRosa’s pizza)

New Things: You have started saying Mom-Mom, Da-Da, and No in the last few weeks!

Can’t wait to see what the next year holds!

2-20-12 2lbs, 14oz, 15 inches

Born Too Soon







2-20-13 16lbs,14oz, 28 inches

Sep - Jan 065


Journey – A letter to my son

One year ago, I was in an ambulance speeding across the state line from Northern Kentucky to Cincinnati. It was 11:30 pm on 2/19/12. The next thirty minutes Mommy is going to take for hers, and cry and heal, and let go.

Tomorrow my dear boy, tomorrow and all the future tomorrows are yours. I am so proud of your ability to fight and win.

Even though my body failed you, you pushed on and showed the world who was boss. 

Thank you. I’m so proud to be your Mommy.



A New Preemie Family

As I gave advice to my friend on her brother and his wife’s needs over the phone Sunday afternoon, I was taken back to that place where nothing from anyone was a comfort or help.

The scariest moment. When 10 people rushed into a triage room with me, and looked at some monitors and made me get in a fetal position on my left side  and put an oxygen mask on me. Hands down the worst moment of my life. I had just arrived by ambulance 20 minutes prior from our neighborhood hospital that only has a Level II NICU. My husband hadn’t yet been allowed to join me. When I think about that moment one year later, I still get nauseous.

The new preemie mama and daddy that were made today had twin girls at 33+6. The first baby came naturally, but an emergency c-section was needed for the second. Please keep this new NICU family in your prayers. I hope their little ladies are feeder/growers and home soon! And all my best to the mama as she heals.

Ironically, this friend and her husband were our support the night I was admitted. They came to the hospital to support my husband through a night where the slightest movement from me would make baby’s heartbeat coming through the monitor fade away. They are wonderful, beautiful people and I am so sorry prematurity has touched their family almost 1 year to the day after they stayed up all night with us.



This has been such a weird month for me. Luckily, Drake is doing wonderfully. He’s pulling to stand, and moving between furniture.

Saturday night I went over to a friend’s house for dinner. Due to various things and sickness I had to avoid for my son’s sake, I hadn’t seen her since the day my water broke almost a year ago.

I feel so morbid like I’m dwelling on how my son got here instead of how awesome he is.

Saturday, I threw on my black leather jacket because it was too warm for my winter coat. In the pocket was a receipt for 2/19/12 at 8:58 pm. I had run to the store to get my yogurts for my work lunches for the week. At 10:02pm as I crawled into bed and turned over to the left, I felt the weird pop that made me get back up and head to the bathroom. I was so scared. Little did I know it would get so much scarier.

I have the hope that getting past my son’s first birthday will propel me past the regret and the memories.



5 days and a round of Tamiflu later, I finally was reunited with my boy. I’m keeping him out of my face, and wearing a facemask  Being even stricter than usual about hand washing. It’s amazing I have skin left on my hands.

I’d also like to throw out a general appreciation for antiviral facemasks from Curad. BEST INVENTION EVER.

So far both Drake and his daddy have stayed healthy.




Flu Strikes Back

We followed all the instructions we were given. We got our shots. We avoided large gatherings. We washed, washed, washed and went through gallons of sanitizer, but it still happened.

I started getting worried Thursday night. I had a kind of throat tickle so I pulled out a medical mask and put it on. The next morning, I knew I was sick. I was achy and feverish. When two doses of Tylenol did nothing to break my fever, I called my doctor and then headed to urgent care.

2 hours and a flu test later, Influenza A was my diagnosis. Say what? But, but I did everything right. Apparently, I won the flu lottery.

Now, I’m going to go back to napping and praying that my fellas don’t get it. Daddy did an awesome job cleaning and taking care of things until grandma was able to take D out of this germy house.

Please, please let him stay well.

Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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