Birthday Fun

12 month wellness yesterday and a birthday!

At 12 months old

Height:  28 inches

Weight: 16pounds, 14ounces (exactly 8 times your birthweight!)

Head: Now at 17th percentile for actual age (way to go buddy!)

Notes: You get to come off Neosure and move to regular formula still mixed to 26 cal/oz for now. Enjoy all the “big people” food you’d like to! Doc says enjoy it while you can!

Favorite Toys: Shape Sorter, Learn n’ Play Piano, Any book you can get your hands on

Favorite Song: The theme to Star Trek: Enterprise, it’s a hoot to watch you hear it come on

Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes (I think cake now trumps it, followed closely by onion, mushroom LaRosa’s pizza)

New Things: You have started saying Mom-Mom, Da-Da, and No in the last few weeks!

Can’t wait to see what the next year holds!

2-20-12 2lbs, 14oz, 15 inches

Born Too Soon







2-20-13 16lbs,14oz, 28 inches

Sep - Jan 065

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February 20th, 2015

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