These “Boots” are Made for Walking

This week, we are dog sitting for Gammy while she is out of town for a wedding. We really wanted to go, too, but it’s in Florida and they have a LONG RSV season there apparently. In the end, we decided a 1 year old at someone’s wedding wasn’t the best idea ever even if they are family. Rusty is a five year old toy poodle. He loves kids, but isn’t sure he loves my grabbing hold one year old that has supplanted his place in his mama’s heart, yet.

It was a balmy 77 after lunch, so I decided I could handle a stroller and a toy poodle on a leash. Unfortunately, Rusty is not leash trained well so we only made it to the top of the street before the poor thing was panting his head off. I decided to turn around because Drake was also not tolerating his sun hat well. I’m trying to get him used to it in small jaunts before the zoo days and summer outings ahead. He has a hatred of all things hat, hood, or wrap around sunglasses. As I’m sure I would after what felt like an eternity of jaundice light glasses and CPAP. Unfortunately for him fair skinned red headed people really need hats, and we live in an area where winter hats are a necessity if you want to keep your ears and health.

Fussy baby, and panting dog in tow. We made it about two houses from our front door as I was pointing out the (FINALLY) blooming trees and flowers. All of the sudden a black streak shot past and tackled poor Rusty to the ground. It was our neighbor’s chihuahua. She was doing her best big, mean dog impersonation while Rusty cowered before her. trembling. I picked him up, put the breaks on the stroller and got in front of Drake in case she decided she didn’t like the looks of him either.

Her hapless owner eventually got her to jump up into the car and we got back to our house unscathed.



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