Having it All

I’ll admit it. I always laugh when I see articles about women and “having it all”. I used to be that career driven woman working until 7 or 8 or 9pm, and going in on Saturday for a few hours.

I climbed the corporate ladder steadily, and I was miserable.

Now I work part time, and I look at ways to avoid going into the office and to meet my deadlines without disrupting my son’s routine. There were many times over the past year when I considered quitting. But my income does help us whittle down the medical bills from my complicated pregnancy, my hospital stay, and D’s NICU stay and subsequent follow ups.

Since we got the warning from our pediatrician as well as the NICU team to avoid daycare until age 2, my current job is an almost perfect fit.

I still have the occasional need for a late night if a pressing deadline pops up and has to be covered. I dread these moments. My former workaholic self gets torn between doing my work well and making sure we don’t lose any ground with Drake’s eating and weight gaining routines.

The past few days have been pretty hectic and awful with my husband out of town on business and my need to work extra hours the first part of the week. Drake’s now almost completely skipped 3 days of his high calorie formula because he’s refusing most of it and he’s just putting food in his mouth and spitting it back out. These are issues I hadn’t seen for 2 months.

I seriously just want to cry.

Tomorrow will be a long day of phone calls for advice and possible appointments.



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