Sixteen Years, Thirteen Married

One thing I REALLY haven’t juggled well as a mom is remaining a good wife. Since D is our only child, I have no reference for what things may have been like if our mini family didn’t get off to such a rocky start in the beginning.

August 5th was our wedding anniversary. It was a typical Monday. We both went to work carpooling together. It was one of the days that Drake comes to work with me. That night, we made dinner and watched a movie while eating in the LIVING ROOM instead of at the table. We’re rebels like that. 🙂

I did put a sheet under the high chair though.

It was fun to make our son a part of our celebration. I need to work on the taking the leap and trying a sitting thing though. Gammy and GG aren’t available for date nights very often, and I think it’s past time we work on that.


Wedding fun fact: We had two wedding songs Everything I Do by Bryan Adams and then It’s the End of the World As We Know It by R.E.M.

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