Someone posted a saying on facebook the other day that caught my eye.

“There are only 940 Saturdays with your child from birth to age 18. Make each one count.”

Wow. My crazy accounting nerd side loves facts and figures.

A smart mom then posted, “Make that until age 13. Around that time they want their friends or activities more than quality time.”

Sure we lost a couple of Saturdays to NICU days, isolation, and hospital readmission, but just think of the potential for adventures.

This year on Saturdays we’ve ….

1. Visited the Grand Canyon

2. Explored the Cincinnati Zoo

3. Gone to get ice cream

4. People watched at the mall

5. Had a picnic lunch

6. Seen a Reds game

7. Visited downtown Cincy

We still have on our list to go to Krohn Conservatory. The kid loves plants. As in, rubs his face with leaves and squeals in delight or touches lightly and stares in awe loves plants. He doesn’t get this from his father or I. We enjoy a nice walk or hike through nature, but…

The Plant story. The summer before I was pregnant, we had a ivy someone had gifted us with. We had a plant hanger my husband had made 20 years ago in scouts and the people in our house before us had left one of those hooks in the ceiling. Up went the hanger and the plant.

One random day, my husband proudly announced he was going to water our plant. He called me over to it. What had once been a green, thriving ivy was an inch long dried out stem. Now we have plastic flowers.

Poor plant. And I guess D is lucky that he has to have such a strict feeding schedule.

Daddy has to work tomorrow, so I’m thinking tomorrow’s Saturday adventure involves swinging at the park and a trip to the dairy hut and it’s 24 soft serve flavors!


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