Super Heroes

In 1979 at 2 years old, I won a Halloween costume competition. My mom bought me the Wonder Woman underoos, red tights, and shoes, and my Aunt Viv sewed me an amazing Red Sparkly cape with blue sparkle stars.  It was made so well my little sister was Wonder Woman a few years down the road, too.

That was my first and last costume win, but the love of superheroes has remained.

In 2000, I married a boy who shares my love of superheroes and the fantastic. Then in 2012, we gave birth to a superhero.

This weekend we manned an exhibitor booth at the Inaugeral Cincinnati Comic Con at the NKY Convention Center. I worried over how Drake would tolerate 24 hours out in public with large crowds. He was awesome. The organizers were awesome. The artists were freaking AMAZING. The crowds were friendly and excited to be there.

I didn’t get to see any panels because I was working, but my husband went one on pen and ink in comics. He really enjoyed it.

Great job, Overlord organizers and Henchman volunteers! We’re looking forward to next year.

Who Ya Gonna Call

Who Ya Gonna Call

Con Day 2

LARGE Coffee and Program


Event Badges, hanger sponsored by Dark Horse Comics

Saving the World is Hard Work

Saving the World is Hard Work




Droids for sale!

Droids for sale!


Lunch at Oktoberfest, Mainstrasse, Covington

Lunch at Oktoberfest, Mainstrasse, Covington



Tardis, it’s bigger on the inside.



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February 20th, 2015

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