Home Sweet Home

D and I are back home from our visit to Nana and Papa.

First Tex Mex!

First Tex Mex!

D is an AMAZING travel buddy. His eating was a bit off, but other than that he was sunny and awesome.

It wouldn't be Texas without a steer at the truck stop.

It wouldn’t be Texas without a steer at the truck stop.

My 4 year old niece is an only child also, and I had wondered how they would get along, but she was really amazing with him. He doesn’t always have “sharing” down but she was as patient as her 4 year old self could manage to be.

Pine Straw where Mommy grew up in LA.

Pine Straw where Mommy grew up in LA.

We created a “Yoda Dog” at Build A Bear and ate Strawberry cheesecake at the Cheesecake Bistro at Louisiana Boardwalk.

Yoda Dog Lives!

Yoda Dog Lives!

Yum strawberries!

Yum strawberries!

I got in a good 3 hour long car ride with my little sister. I miss living near her so much, and we walked her dog at the “usual” truck stop on the way back to Las Colinas.



We had a fun day at the Dallas Aquarium where I picked up a super cute “bubble pop” counting book with our favorite “10 little monkeys” story.

image (4)

Climbing on Nana and Papa’s porch.

The 15th was our travel day and my birthday. My husband had a card from him and one from Drake as well as an awesome boquet and chocolates waiting for me. Love my sweet fellas!

October 15th was also pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. My heart goes out to all mothers and fathers and their families that have experienced miscarriage or loss.



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