Saying Goodbye

Last week I found out the sad news that a very good friend of my Mother in law had passed away. She knew her from a job assignment in Virginia. Weirdly, it was the same hospital that my mother had her first job at as a new RN back in the 70’s.

Drake and I made the drive with her. My Aunt and Uncle live there, and they had never met my son with the distance, and not being able to travel with him until this summer as the main factors. It is the city I was born in. I love the history of it and even though I only lived there briefly as a child, it holds most of my vacation memories since we would go as often as we could to visit my Granny.

My Granny passed away from complications of bed rest and age on February 5, 2012. Fifteen days prior to Drake’s early birth at 30 weeks. I really hope the stress I put on myself from being unable to travel for her funeral was not a factor. At that time, I couldn’t foresee any greater tragedy than missing my final grandparents funeral. My nana passed away when I was going into high school, my papa when I was a sophmore in college, and my granddaddy (granny’s husband) died before my parents were ever married.

I am very thankful that I listened to my doctor’s advice and did not travel for the service. I can only imagine how awful it would have been if I had gone into labor even earlier or 8 hours from home.

Today though, I am grateful for the opportunity to go visit my first home. I was so glad to show Drake the lovely place of his great-granny’s final resting place and to say my own final farewell in person.

I came home with new memories of my Granny’s recently flipped and put on the market Cape Cod, of the beautiful Holy Cross cemetary in Richmond, a wonderful evening with my aunt and uncle, of my son’s 6 hour yell a thon through West Virginia on the way there, and the glory of Bubble Guppies and Peek-a-boo Barn. And now sitting proudly in our china cabinet my Granny’s lovely china.

Happy Holidays! I know I haven’t been around much. Busy, and I just feel quiet.

We have a ton of annual specialist follow ups and a new IFSP goal meeting this week. I’m prepping for all of that and my work external audit for year end.


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