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Sick Again

This week’s illness is a massive head cold. He’s been sick since Friday night, so we’re at the holding him at night next to the humidifier covered in baby rub so he doesn’t cough all night long stage. We missed school again this week.

So far, we have:

Week 1 – Stomach Virus

Week 2 – Went to school both days, ate all his meals and started acclimating to his environment

Week 3 – Fever, runny nose, cough and a mantra of “my ears are stuck”, no school

I have to say, “My ears stuck, Mama,” is the cutest way ever to describe that full feeling your ears get with a cold, but I’m probably a bit biased.

Everyone, from his father to all aspects of his medical team (neonatologist, EI therapists, pediatrician) agreed we were ready to skip isolation this year and try school in January. I had my doubts, but I chalked them up to preemie mama crazy and went along with the plan.

I don’t want to be right.

We selected a school with the smallest class we could find (6 kids). I knew last week at drop off from the red, runny noses that we were probably in for it.

I do wish I could just react normally to sickness instead of feeling like I need to sit up all night listening to him breathe, and freaking out at every moment his breath pauses before the start of a coughing spell.

I left him with Daddy today, and came into work for our monthly staff meeting. I needed the break, and Daddy is just as watchful if not more careful than I am.

To top it off we’ve got relatives making comments like:

“Wow, he really doesn’t tolerate noisy environments well. I wonder if something’s wrong.”

Yeah, he was born before his neurological system was fully developed. That’s why you were kicked out of the NICU for being loud. 😛 And it’s what we’re working on in EI every week along with his eating, tone and orthopedic issues.

“I hope he’s not developing childhood asthma.”

His lungs STILL aren’t fully mature compared to his peers. It’s WHY we were on isolation last winter. So yeah, he does get out of breath more easily than other kids his age. His saturation level starts out lower than theirs without being sick.

Or my favorite…

“I thought he was going to catch up by 2. His birthday’s next month.”

GRR. Sigh. These are the types of days where I’m pretty sure I could still use some therapy or a vacation. I think I actually miss RSV isolation. I know me from last year would laugh at me, and give me an are you serious look.


First Day at School

Today was a huge first Drake went to school! He had snacks, circle time, and slept on a cot. Mommy got to work a full day, and he spent time with peers.

He did amazing for a kid that’s only been with his parents or grandparents. Yay school!

Now to gain back that 3 pounds so you can’t feel every inch of his spine.








Last night, we reached another milestone. First stomach bug. I haven’t had to wash this much laundry in one day since we bid adieu to our old pal GERD.

Honestly, the worst part for me other than his miserableness was having to sample the jello to get him to try it. Yuck. I didn’t like that as a kid.

Also, this pushes back our first day of school. I was already feeling anxious about how sick he may get at first, so in Drake fashion he just got sick EARLY.



New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year! What is it about almost two year olds that make it so hard to carve out blog time?

Last week, was a huge week for us. Well, it was half a huge week. We were supposed to have our second to last NICU follow up clinic, but Drake was sick and coughing so no way was I taking him to the same floor the NICU he stayed in is on. I called and rescheduled. I hated having to do it because the next slot available was March 11th. Those appointments go fast and you schedule them about 4 months in advance. I was also hoping to have his Neonatologist and Physical Therapist’s input for his IFSP meeting last week.

We reviewed old outcomes with both therapists and his coordinator for Early Intervention. I am extremely happy with how much he progressed in the past six months. I am sure he would have done some of it on his own, but the guidance I received to help him has been invaluable to me.

Last goals were to sit up without support and without using “W” leg placement, to use gestures to indicate wants and needs, sign or use words to label objects, stop throwing food and utensils in frustration and eat solid food regularly, and transition from cruising to walking without support for several steps. These goals were set last July at 17 months.

This time we’re working on walking fast without balance isssues, his flat feet, chewing and swallowing more solid foods, learning to reach for objects on tip toe in preparation for jumping, and the strength of his left hand/arm which he refuses to use. He’s being switched from mostly developmental visits to mostly PT and some occupational visits.

Drake’s first day of school is scheduled for this Wednesday. I am worried about how sick he’ll be at first and excited to see how he is with other children. I know I’ll be both proud and weepy and can’t wait to take first day pics.

I also learned last week that this is as north as I ever want to live, and that my house was built in the 60’s and is drafty as hell. -48 windchills are too much for this Louisiana girl to handle! Today it is 100 degrees warmer. This 51 degree day feels like May.

Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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