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17 Months Old Adventure

Saturday D turned 17 months actual, so we woke up early and had a morning zoo adventure. It was the first time we managed to make it to the zoo right at opening. We scored a premium covered spot in the main lot.

We have a zoo membership so we skipped the ticket line and headed for the map to see what we’d like to do for a few hours. We decided on the Insect House, Carousel, and Manatee Springs as our main attractions.

The Insect House adventure started out with a scale that gives your weight in bugs! Wouldn’t that make a fun change from NICU stays measured in grams?

Drake was 2 million bugs.

Daddy was 32 million bugs.

Mommy was 20 million bugs.

We took our first family ride on the carousel. The elephant was a bit too big, but the zebra was just right!

I didn’t take any pictures in Manatee Springs. I was too fascinated by the zookeeper presentation. Confession, I ADORE going to the zoo. 🙂

Cincinnati Zoo is one of only two zoos outside of Florida that host manatees. They are a manatee rehabilitation center which means their manatees stay for a short time to get well and get reintroduced to the wild. Betsy and Woodstock are scheduled to leave sometime this fall. Manatees have small eyes and live in water that is hard to see in, so they have tons of hairs like cat whiskers all over their bodies that help them navigate in the ocean. Yay fun facts!

After the manatees, it was time to head for lunch. I have to say the nursing/family suite at the Cincinnati Zoo is also an amazing space. It’s air conditioned has comfy sofas, a great changing space, and toys for toddlers. We made a side stop for a diaper change before heading to the car. As we left, we noted the LOOOONGG lines that we avoided by going early.

We finished up with some lunch at Izzy’s Deli, and shopping at Tuesday Morning where we scored this fun plaything…

This afternoon is our first PT visit. Time to get to work! It’s hard to believe he’ll be 2 in 7 months, and then we stop adjusting for prematurity.




Birthday Fun

12 month wellness yesterday and a birthday!

At 12 months old

Height:  28 inches

Weight: 16pounds, 14ounces (exactly 8 times your birthweight!)

Head: Now at 17th percentile for actual age (way to go buddy!)

Notes: You get to come off Neosure and move to regular formula still mixed to 26 cal/oz for now. Enjoy all the “big people” food you’d like to! Doc says enjoy it while you can!

Favorite Toys: Shape Sorter, Learn n’ Play Piano, Any book you can get your hands on

Favorite Song: The theme to Star Trek: Enterprise, it’s a hoot to watch you hear it come on

Favorite Food: Sweet Potatoes (I think cake now trumps it, followed closely by onion, mushroom LaRosa’s pizza)

New Things: You have started saying Mom-Mom, Da-Da, and No in the last few weeks!

Can’t wait to see what the next year holds!

2-20-12 2lbs, 14oz, 15 inches

Born Too Soon







2-20-13 16lbs,14oz, 28 inches

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Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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