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Prayers for a New Preemie Family

Last night, I found out that my sister’s best friend and college roommate’s nephew was born early and needed prayers. Ryan was born at almost 29 weeks gestation while his parents were out of town about 6 hours from home.

This family could use all the prayers and good thoughts anyone can provide. I know how hard it was dealing with early labor and the NICU while 20 minutes from home. I can’t imagine what it’s like to experience it hours away from your family, friends, and home. I’m sure the Ronald McDonald House is a blessing for them, but it’s not the same as being able to be at home while recovering and trying to parent your baby.

Little fighter Ryan is fighting some complications of prematurity right now, early in his NICU stay. I know exactly how lucky we have been. I thank God everyday that Drake didn’t suffer any bleeds or have any respiratory regression issues. He has his own battles that he fought and is still fighting. But I know how it could have been and how precious every week you remain pregnant is.

God, please watch over precious new baby Ryan and his mommy and daddy. Help him to fight through his battles and get strong enough for his homecoming. Watch over all preemies and their parents, Lord. Give them the hope of your loving embrace. Amen.




The Best Laid Plans

I was really moved by Jenna Von Oy’s birth story she posted on her blog Monday. While her baby was born at 37 weeks, she captured the feelings of a birth plan gone awry, dealing with pregnancy complications, and dealing with being separated from your baby in those first precious hours after birth so well. I was in tears remembering the first days of my son’s birth and the delay we had in touching or holding him.

From the early days of my pregnancy, I knew I had dealt with some spotting issues and low end normal progesterone levels as well as high blood pressure controlled with meds and then finally in early 2nd tri, gestational diabetes. I had planned early on for possible bed rest. I scheduled my birth class for January even though I was due in April. All the other moms in my class were due in February or early March. I scheduled my baby shower for early February. I had a feeling as the weeks crept by one of my complications was going to cause the dreaded boredom of bedrest.

I was so tired all the time, and I never felt the healthy vitality that some women seem to have during pregnancy. I never felt like I glowed.

I have so much guilt from the weekend before Drake’s early Monday birth. I went out to dinner and to an event with my girl friends on Friday night. I washed the walls of our office (severe nesting apparently) on Saturday. I went over and watched movies with a friend on Sunday. I felt restless during that final weekend of my pregnancy, but I never felt like I was in LABOR.

I will never forget the feeling of my water breaking. It felt like it should have been the audible pop of a champagne bottle being uncorked. *POP*

And my world changed.  My new normal was starting before I even realized fully what would happen.

I  pretty much knew I could possibly have to have a c-section. At my first meeting with my perinatologist after the diabetes diagnosis, he warned me that an induction would be scheduled for 38 weeks no  matter what. Premature birth never entered my radar.

I was wheeled by Drake’s isolette in the NICU on my way from recovery to my room. I didn’t get to touch him until the next day. Or hold him until another 4 days had passed.

My first meltdown occurred when my husband and some of the grandparents went to visit Drake on the 2nd day while I pumped milk. I heard the words something is wrong with his foot and I lost it. I was sore, tired, emotionally battered and now something was WRONG with my infant I hadn’t held yet, and I wasn’t the first to even HEAR about it.

Dark days.





Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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