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Yesterday was a rough day for me. I had plans to go out to dinner with 3 of my friends while my hubby took baby duties over for a night. However, one of the girls came down with a cold and another was just getting over a cold so I had to say no to attending.

As I sat at my desk feeling a little sorry for myself, I thought back to the last time I went to our favorite restaurant with these ladies in February. It was the Friday before my water broke Sunday night, and I either haven’t had the time or someone’s been ill so I haven’t seen them since. We’ve chatted over email, the phone and facebook. Just feeling a little lonely and isolated over here in preemie land.

I’m so glad my mom and dad are coming in for Drake’s surgery at the end of this month. I need some people who are “mine” desperately. I love my hubby’s family and friends, but it’s just not the same as having the people who have known you since childhood around…

A friend posted her 30 weeks pregnant picture today. I’m so happy for her, but it makes me weepy, too.

I’ve been so busy with work from home and Drake’s increasing ability to move around and need to be entertained that I thought I was over the “dumps”. Time to make a conscious effort to shake it off and keep moving forward.



Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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