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Well visit tomorrow to discuss all the things (and get shots, yuck!). The nurse called yesterday for the pre-planning phone session. I picture the RN’s at our pediatrician’s office doing paper, rock, scissors over who has to call me. “Oh that’s the mom that will actually have real, scary questions. I’m doing that one after lunch!”

I have my pediatric research data file and questions in hand. I really hope I am not over “Dr. Google-ing.” I tried to limit myself to one week buried in fear and seeking answers online. Then I stopped (until today) in an effort not to fall into what hubby calls “my cycle of negativity and panic.” Husband and I discussed our plan. We present our findings and feelings, we listen to our trusted pediatrician’s feelings, and if we aren’t comfortable with his opinion we will request a referral to the specialist at Children’s.

I’m still unsure about genetic testing. I don’t know if we should start with the genetic counselor and then go to the specialist. We’re just really lost still and we are praying that our pediatrician can steer us in the right direction without dismissing things entirely.

We’re also hoping our growth chart results are still ok. He’s been fluctuating between 28.3 and 30.6 pounds for the past year. He did top off at 31.2 at his last specialist appointment, but that just seems awfully small for a 4 year old. He was also borderline on anemia last year, so I mentioned whether we should do that check, also. And Orthopedics follow up is Friday for our first annual clubfoot check up after giving up night-night shoes!

On a positive note, HE EATS VEGGIES NOW!!!! One night we sat down at the table and he just started gobbling up peas. I was so flabbergasted that I stared, but luckily I kept my mouth shut. Now he will request peas as a snack. Preschoolers, am I right?






Mickey Cake!31fd6b90-cb8a-44f9-99df-b6f51e53cf0eHappy 4th birthday, buddy!

It was so much fun to celebrate our kid this weekend.

We had our first winter public birthday party with his friends at an indoor inflatables place.

The King is Here!


I am sorry for the lack of updates. We had a big specialist appointment looming and I just didn’t have the gumption. Now I have a diagnosis with more questions than answers, and I’d rather just celebrate my handsome guy.

Also, this is the 4th anniversary of going from vent to CPAP and getting to touch his hand! So glad his nurse made me start a calendar journal.






Bubble Guppies Party

What time is it? It’s time for a fun post! We have no doctor’s appointments, copays or follow-ups this week. It’s even a bye week for therapies as PT is on vacation and we only have developmental every other week now. 

Our son, along with his entire toddler class at school, lives and breathes Bubble Guppies. Despite Mommy’s attempts to make him a Sesame Street fan like I was. He has a healthy appreciation for Elmo and the gang, but they are no match for the bright colors and rocking songs of Gil and his buddies. Add to it that my sister bought him every conceivable BG toy for Christmas, and he’s gone. 

I will admit to a secret guilty pleasure of most of their music videos. They are super easy to sing and dance to.

We held a Bubble Guppie themed party on Saturday after his birthday with our family. I tried to keep things simple and homemade where I could, but I did get a bit splurgy on the treat baskets at Dollar Tree. 🙂

Kids won't notice the tropical tablecloth has adult beverages on it right? Virgin ones obviously!

Kids won’t notice the tropical tablecloth has adult beverages on it right? Virgin ones obviously!


image (6)

Not handcrafted, but handpicked online!


Also purchased. I'm not an artisit, cake or otherwise.

Also purchased. I’m not an artisit, cake or otherwise.


Blue Hawaiian punch with rainbow sherbert added to "foam". It was a hit with short and tall patrons.

Blue Hawaiian punch with rainbow sherbert added to “foam”. It was a hit with short and tall patrons.


Kids snack table, goldfish medley, gummy fish, and bath toys

Kids snack table, goldfish medley, gummy fish, and bath toys



Fishketball, too much motion!

Fishketball, too much motion!














Candle blowing is awesome! (incognito cousin!)

Candle blowing is awesome! (incognito cousin!)


Where did this KID come from?

Where did this KID come from?


Great Granny

Great Granny


Even Gammy's doggie was ready to party it up!

Even Gammy’s doggie was ready to party it up!

I didn’t take pictures of some of the food we also had Clam Cookies (a pinterest find), Bubble Bites (cake pops), and Shark Teeth (cheese cut into triangles).

For treats for the three boys, I went to Dollar Tree. They had mini pails in neon green two for $1, 3 packs of bubbles, these huge jumping frogs in flourescent colors. Then we also threw in a party horn, party hat, and lei. 

That’s the last birthday post, I promise! It was totally fun to have everyone come, without restrictions. Even though D does have another cold now. Sadface. 











Last Day As A One Year Old

Drake’s Likes:

Bubble Guppies





Drake’s Dislikes:

Having his hair washed, brushed

His car seat


Loud Noises

The Dark

Most Frequent Words




Nuk (milk)





Cookie (1st sentence, “I need a cookie.”)

Favorite Songs

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Wheels on the Bus

5 Little Monkeys

We received his NICU clinic official final report. Gross motor was in the 18 month range and everything else was 22-28 months. Woo hoo, little dude! Friday, I have a meeting with his pediatrician to make a new nutrition plan to try to recoup what we lost to winter sickness on the weight front.  Tomorrow, he has cupcakes for his class and then we’re going to take him out for pizza and balloons after school. Then cake and ice cream at home with presents, of course!




I’m in countdown mode…

Feb. 4, 2012 family baby shower, I was barely third trimester but insisted I just had a “feeling” I was going to be on bed rest due to complications.

Feb 6, 2012 my father’s mom, my granny’s funeral was on this day 8 hours away. She had passed away on my shower day due to complications from Alzheimer’s. I thought being on travel restrictions would be the big tragedy of my pregnancy.

Feb 10, 2012 I was in a car wreck. Checked out on Monday by OB. All fine.

Feb 17, 2012 I went to dinner with some girl friends.

Feb 18, 2012 tired, achy and had desire to wash the walls, what the …baby very active. ultrasound and NST scheduled for Monday so not too worried

Feb 19, 2012 spent day with friend watching NCIS marathon. She watched, I slept while our husbands tore carpet out of my house for new floor to be installed. I am 30 weeks. At 1005 pm I shut off light lay down and feel a pop. Turn on light to what I know is water breaking. Call on call doc and head to hospital. Call my mom who is 12 hours away and pretend I’m not panicking. Call husbands mom who is in Vegas with a friend. Arrive at hospital.

At that point, time slows. I can relive each second until the next morning at 1004am on February 20, 2012. I think this time I just want to enjoy this hat picture.

His first non NICU hat and his current winter hat 🙂



Home Stretch to B-Day

I can’t bring myself to order the birthday supplies. It’s 22 days to Drake’s birthday. We’ve picked out the perfect decorations, cake and tableware. It was fun to do so, but I just can’t make myself check out and pay.

We’ve agreed to a small gathering at Gammy’s (hubby’s mom) house of only great aunts & uncles so about 7 people including us. Adults only as we’re in RSV isolation still.

He is so amazing. He deserves his journey of the past year to be celebrated with unwavering joy. The timeline of memories leading up to Drake’s premature birth are painful and/or guilt inducing ones.

On this day last year, I found out my Granny was dying of perforated bowel. She was 93 and suffering from advanced dementia.  She died on the day of my baby  shower February 5, 2012.  I wasn’t able to travel for the funeral as I was already classified as high risk. Knowing now that I had Drake 15 days later, I’m so glad I followed that medical advice. 15 days is the difference between a 27-28 weeker versus a 30+2 weeker. What I did experience was hysterical grief. I loved my grandmother, and not being able to say goodbye on my own terms plus pregnancy hormones was an awful combination.

Then the following Friday, I was in a minor car wreck as I lost control in some ice and slid into the car in front of me on the way home from work. Everyone was fine, and my car sustained only minor damage.  I called the doctor right away and they advised me that as long as my kick counts were going ok I could wait to come in at my regular appointment time on Monday. Everything checked out fine. My blood sugar from the Gestational Diabetes was well under control as was my chronic hypertension. I wish I had stayed home that day as my husband asked me to, or left work the hour early I was supposed to.

My appointment to preregister for the hospital was scheduled for 2/20/12 at 1pm. My son was born at 10:09am by emergency cesarean because he was breech and I was 6 cm and 85% effaced.

Some things are foggy whether due to medicine, exhaustion, stress or magnesium. I don’t know.

My darling boy. What an amazing fighter you are.  Mommy is still sorting out getting all the what ifs and if/thens out of my system.


Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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