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Just One of Life’s (Embarrassing) Moments

My husband left yesterday morning for a business trip. He’ll be back on Friday. The night before, he decided that he needed a couple extra polo shirts and some undershirts and socks. We headed to Kohl’s.

D had skipped his nap, so he fell asleep in the car seat as soon as he was strapped in. We shopped and he woke up about the time we were ready to check out. A quick trip through the toy aisle so he could just “see” and we were ready to go.

D’s in a “helper” stage and wants to be involved in everything. Kohl’s has these really deep shopping carts with a kiddie seat. We had thrown the socks and undershirts in the bottom, and lay the shirts across the top. I bypassed the polo shirts laying on the top of the cart to get the undershirt package that was laying in the bottom. Right when I was coming up with the shirts. Drake yanked up on the polos. So when you fish, the hook catches the fish. I think I know what that feels like now.

That metal coat hanger went up my left nostril and stuck there because the end was sharp. I immediately tried to carefully remove it,, streaming blood, and as visions of going to the ER with a hanger on my face danced in my mind. Luckily, it came free. I’m streaming blood from my nose trying not to get it anywhere and trying not to freak out. Drake is screaming, scared and my husband is telling me to head to the bathroom.

The lady behind me hands me a wad of tissues to hold on my face as I trek 10 miles from the registers to the back of the store where the restroom is located. A bit of pressure, a good washing, and a cold rag later and I was good to go.

I came out to my husband waiting for me because he had no way to pay for the goods. I had his wallet and phone in my purse since he had tried on some clothes. The second trip through the register went much better.

I called my mom (she’s a RN) and asked what was safe to clean and treat the inside of my nose. She gave me some instructions and finished with the parting advice to never underestimate how quickly a little kid can execute a take down.

One of my friends said she hoped I wouldn’t be offended if she got him a fishing pole next year for his birthday. He’s already got one, and I guess all that practice casting the little weighted fish has paid off.





I have always loved Holy Week. I grew up in a liturgical church that revolved around the seasons of the church calendar. I had dreams of these things for my new baby, but we all know the NICU brings changes and how I approach religion changed a lot.

I couldn’t be the “bring my kid to all the things” parent I thought I would be from the get go. I had anxiety about taking him around a bunch of people once we were allowed to. Things just didn’t work out. Now that we have been in the habit of watching online and not being part of a community. It is hard to go. It doesn’t help that the Mr. and I have conflicting viewpoints on the style of worship we prefer.

I have a long way to go in teaching my son to know that kind of peace you have when you know there is always someone there watching out for you and loving you no matter what. Someone who is stronger than you who and who knows your weaknesses and knows your needs before you can think them or even put them down on paper. I want to remember what it felt like when I believed I could turn all of my problems over like blowing dandelion fluff into the wind.

I use this blog to vent worry and frustration so that I can come to terms with things and feel more at peace. When I am comfortable in my own skin and with what’s going on around me, I can create that safe haven for my family that church always was for me growing up. Right now, I am just so consumed with worry. I have just an instinctive bad feeling that something is wrong, and it scares me that either I am projecting my anxiety or a mom just knows.

May you have a reflective Holy Week and a Happy Easter.



Back to School, Work, Life

In two weeks, I will officially go back to full-time hours at work. By January, I will have completed enough Master’s level courses to try teaching my first class, so this fall I am receiving mentoring on instructional design and classroom management. In the midst of all of that excitement, Drake will be going to school full-time for the first time. Since February, he’s been going part-time 2 days a week while I go to the office. He’s been doing really well, so we feel he’s ready for more.

I am super from being a domestic goddess, and for someone who is home a majority of the week my household chores could probably have been done a little better. However, I have lots of memories of morning walks, coloring and finger painting, dancing to Choo-Choo train songs, turning a kiddie couch into a car, table forts, and couch snuggles for story time. We had random trips to the zoo just to ride the train, therapy visits from EI, and going to the park after nap time.

I know I will always treasure this 2.5 years at home. At first, it was to protect his preemie immune system. Then, it was to make sure we made the most of his Early Intervention and other therapies. Now it’s time for him to learn how to enjoy the company of other kids and following a classroom routine, and it’s time for mommy to resume working. My little guy isn’t a fan of following plans that aren’t his own.

When we were first in the NICU and for the first year home, prematurity, its effects, and my guilt were all-consuming. These days, I follow more clubfoot treatment groups on Facebook than preemie ones. As he grows, I worry whether I am using his “night-night” shoes optimally to give him the best chance of full correction. We’ve had several nights of “ouch hurts” and “nite shoes off” screaming lately in the wee hours which always make me nervous, but usually ends up coinciding with a growth spurt.

I will never, ever forget my fear when he stopped breathing after choking due to GERD two months after coming home. The fear in the paramedic’s eyes on the ambulance ride to Children’s when he realized he didn’t have a mask small enough. Those memories are being supplanted by the sight of an excited two year old boy on a ferry ride or the thrill he has when he spots a train on a bridge.

We aren’t done dealing with the effects of prematurity. We’ve just been very lucky. He will probably always wear AFO’s for low muscle tone and weak ankles. We’re still pushing to get an MRI because he’s still showing some weakness on the left side versus the right that concerns his PT. But all in all, life is pretty sweet these days and thankfulness has finally overtaken fear.


Mother’s Day Weekend

I received my first school card and gift that Drake made in school. LOVE, Love , love!

Picture Frame. The little bugs are made from his fingerprints.

Mother’s Day card featuring his first school pic!

Then we did our Mom’s Day outing on Saturday instead of Sunday. We took Drake to the Boone County Community Fair and to Spring Fest at Kinman Farms. He had his first hayride and petting zoo experience! Then we had our first family picnic at the park and played around until the thunderstorms came.

It was an awesome weekend, and I was so thankful to Gammy for watching Drake all day Friday. I was able to finish all but one section of my draft for my first assessment paper so I had the time to play hooky this weekend.











I Think I Miss Isolation

Drake and I are sick…again. I know some of it is starting preschool. I just didn’t think I would actually miss isolation! People are just not shy about sharing their germs with others.

At least two family members admitted to me that they felt under the weather before/at the birthday party, but instead of keeping their distance as they would have last year they thought it was safe to be around him. Safe or not, the poor kid has been sick since New Year’s Eve we could at least refrain from shoving germs in his face, am I right?

Spring is just 15 days away. Spring is just 15 days away.

I’m ready for some of this action:

1st swing at the park

1st swing at the park – April 2013



Bubble Guppies Party

What time is it? It’s time for a fun post! We have no doctor’s appointments, copays or follow-ups this week. It’s even a bye week for therapies as PT is on vacation and we only have developmental every other week now. 

Our son, along with his entire toddler class at school, lives and breathes Bubble Guppies. Despite Mommy’s attempts to make him a Sesame Street fan like I was. He has a healthy appreciation for Elmo and the gang, but they are no match for the bright colors and rocking songs of Gil and his buddies. Add to it that my sister bought him every conceivable BG toy for Christmas, and he’s gone. 

I will admit to a secret guilty pleasure of most of their music videos. They are super easy to sing and dance to.

We held a Bubble Guppie themed party on Saturday after his birthday with our family. I tried to keep things simple and homemade where I could, but I did get a bit splurgy on the treat baskets at Dollar Tree. 🙂

Kids won't notice the tropical tablecloth has adult beverages on it right? Virgin ones obviously!

Kids won’t notice the tropical tablecloth has adult beverages on it right? Virgin ones obviously!


image (6)

Not handcrafted, but handpicked online!


Also purchased. I'm not an artisit, cake or otherwise.

Also purchased. I’m not an artisit, cake or otherwise.


Blue Hawaiian punch with rainbow sherbert added to "foam". It was a hit with short and tall patrons.

Blue Hawaiian punch with rainbow sherbert added to “foam”. It was a hit with short and tall patrons.


Kids snack table, goldfish medley, gummy fish, and bath toys

Kids snack table, goldfish medley, gummy fish, and bath toys



Fishketball, too much motion!

Fishketball, too much motion!














Candle blowing is awesome! (incognito cousin!)

Candle blowing is awesome! (incognito cousin!)


Where did this KID come from?

Where did this KID come from?


Great Granny

Great Granny


Even Gammy's doggie was ready to party it up!

Even Gammy’s doggie was ready to party it up!

I didn’t take pictures of some of the food we also had Clam Cookies (a pinterest find), Bubble Bites (cake pops), and Shark Teeth (cheese cut into triangles).

For treats for the three boys, I went to Dollar Tree. They had mini pails in neon green two for $1, 3 packs of bubbles, these huge jumping frogs in flourescent colors. Then we also threw in a party horn, party hat, and lei. 

That’s the last birthday post, I promise! It was totally fun to have everyone come, without restrictions. Even though D does have another cold now. Sadface. 











Last Day As A One Year Old

Drake’s Likes:

Bubble Guppies





Drake’s Dislikes:

Having his hair washed, brushed

His car seat


Loud Noises

The Dark

Most Frequent Words




Nuk (milk)





Cookie (1st sentence, “I need a cookie.”)

Favorite Songs

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Wheels on the Bus

5 Little Monkeys

We received his NICU clinic official final report. Gross motor was in the 18 month range and everything else was 22-28 months. Woo hoo, little dude! Friday, I have a meeting with his pediatrician to make a new nutrition plan to try to recoup what we lost to winter sickness on the weight front.  Tomorrow, he has cupcakes for his class and then we’re going to take him out for pizza and balloons after school. Then cake and ice cream at home with presents, of course!


Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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