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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

Follow ups. LOTS of them. I know compared to a lot of preemie parents our slate of appointments is low load. Over the next few weeks we have Eyes (double check those retinas), Foot (make sure we’re keeping the same level of correction and dorsiflexion), Weight (day after Christmas, sadface) and ENT to check to see if the steroid injection is working. 

I received the formal report of Drake’s developmental assessment. The official diagnosis are prematurity and low birth weight of <1300g, developmental delays, and hypotonia of the  lower extremities. We go for a follow up in six months. Time to get him enrolled in EI, especially while I have the time to be at home and work with him. 

We have a mobile baby for Christmas! He is commando crawling EVERYWHERE with his belly on the floor, and pulling himself up to sit since Sunday. So proud of our little fella, go  buddy go! Although, mommy will miss the “swimming” it was just adorable to see him pinwheeling his legs and arms with his belly on the floor. 


Unfolding His Laundry

I found this image on my old cell phone. It’s the day we went home from the NICU with all 4lbs, 7oz of Drake. I couldn’t tell if he was breathing well in his seat so I held my finger under his nose the whole way home. 


Coming Home

Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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