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A Bad Day

I’m writing this Drake-i-sode from his bedside at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Sunday morning, I had the worst scare of my life. At 8:30am, my baby had a reflux event. He started to spit up about 15minutes after he finished his feed. The he spewed out what looked like a 4 foot fountain. Thinking I would easily be able to suck out his nose and get him back to normal, I didn’t panic at first. Then nose sucking didn’t work. He started to go pale and limp and not have a Drake fit at the non-effective nasal aspirator. Luckily, his Nana (an RN) was visiing. She took him over and started sucking out his throat. Heavy mucus grossness would come out and he’d give a very weak cry, but we couldn’t get his color back or get him to stay mad and crying. I called 911.

At the end of this long day of hospital observation, all I can think about is the fact that I almost lost him today. I was worried about handling his re-entering the hospital for his surgery, and he gave me a sneak preview. I can handle whatever I need to as long as I get to keep the darling boy with the big blue eyes and developing grin with me for many more years.

My husband and I are starting to come to the realization that I may not be able to return to work as expected. I have no idea yet how we’re going to handle that one.


Medical Treatments and Scares

My son is going through treatment for clubfoot. On Tuesday, he had his¬†Achilles procedure and final three week cast put on. We’ll be done with phase and into 23 hour bracing by mid-June. His treatment has gone exceptionally well. He was supposed to have 5 weekly casts and then this one, but ended up only needing 3 weekly casts.

The Super Preemie. This is his pediatrician’s nickname for Drake. He’s been gaining well since the metabolic scare and 26 calorie days. We’ve been blessed. We’ve been lucky.

Inguinal hernia occurs in 30% of preemies. Especially male preemies.

On Tuesday night, I started his bedtime routine about 8pm with a diaper change. Hmm, that doesn’t look right. Called the hubby in. That’s not supposed to look like that right? Looked it up on our local Children’s hospital site ¬†(I avoid Dr. Google for my own sanity). He didn’t have emergency level symptoms, so I rocked him through his nightly crying moments trying to keeping him calm so the hernia didn’t worsen.

Our pediatric group opens at 8am. I had an 855 appointment by 8:05. My diagnosis guess was confirmed by 9:15 and we had a referral to the children’s surgery group with a warning that it would take 1-2 weeks for an appointment.

Our job for the next two weeks is to keep a 3 month old, 1 month adjusted infant from having straining crying fits. And to not panic over the promised minimum 1 night stay at the hospital.

I’ve kept him isolated for 2 months to keep from going back to the hospital. I need to remember I can’t protect him from my body or his developing one. It’s out of my hands.


Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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