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Another Preemie Family

Recently, another set of preemie parents joined the club. Last Saturday, the hubby and I went and delivered a diaper bag stocked with preemie parent goods. A thermometer. Wet Ones, non-scented for sensitive skin. Unscented disinfectant spray. Hand sanitizer. Sensitive skin wipes and preemie and newborn diapers.

It was HARD seeing the hurt in that new mama’s eyes on the day she came home from the hospital without her little girl. We had driven south to help get the extra room done that they thought they had 7 or 8 weeks left to finish. On the drive home, I asked my husband if I looked like that on my discharge day.

We gave out new parent advice, but ours wasn’t about sleeping.

“You will check her breathing all the time. It’s normal for preemie parents, we still do at 3.5.”

“Ask the NICU nurses what nipples match theirs the best. It will make feeding and weight gain a lot easier when you get home.”

“Make sure you check the low end weight on your car seat. They don’t all go low enough.”

Hubby told the dad to invest in some v-neck white t-shirts to make kangaroo care easier.

My heart aches for them. I just hope we were able to show them they are not alone. That feeling of being SO ALONE and like absolutely no one understood was only second to missing our son while he was in the hospital every night.

Luckily, that sweet baby got to go home last night. I wish them a smooth transition home.


Prayers for a New Preemie Family

Last night, I found out that my sister’s best friend and college roommate’s nephew was born early and needed prayers. Ryan was born at almost 29 weeks gestation while his parents were out of town about 6 hours from home.

This family could use all the prayers and good thoughts anyone can provide. I know how hard it was dealing with early labor and the NICU while 20 minutes from home. I can’t imagine what it’s like to experience it hours away from your family, friends, and home. I’m sure the Ronald McDonald House is a blessing for them, but it’s not the same as being able to be at home while recovering and trying to parent your baby.

Little fighter Ryan is fighting some complications of prematurity right now, early in his NICU stay. I know exactly how lucky we have been. I thank God everyday that Drake didn’t suffer any bleeds or have any respiratory regression issues. He has his own battles that he fought and is still fighting. But I know how it could have been and how precious every week you remain pregnant is.

God, please watch over precious new baby Ryan and his mommy and daddy. Help him to fight through his battles and get strong enough for his homecoming. Watch over all preemies and their parents, Lord. Give them the hope of your loving embrace. Amen.




NICU “Roller Coaster”

I saw a comment on a blog post today (life with jack, I really admire this mommy and her son, I can’t imagine that journey) that really made me pause, and reflect.

“If the NICU is like a roller coaster ride, then I’m never going to an amusement park again.”

Like a roller coaster, there are peaks and valleys and grand adrenaline rushes and moments of stomach dropping fear. The difference? You know that eventually that ride is going to end, and you are going to walk away unharmed.

When you’re the parent of a baby journeying through the NICU, you don’t have this knowledge. You have no idea when this horror ride is going to stop and let your family off.

Hope. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel that is the NICU. The hope that one day your child will fight through the medical issues surrounding them and you will be able to take them home. If you’re very lucky, you don’t end up with further battles to fight.

Drake is undergoing treatment for clubfoot. He was diagnosed as moderate and his orthopedic doctor is using the Ponseti method of casting and bracing for correction. My son should be lucky enough to have both feet planted firmly on the ground by the time he is 4 if all goes well. It’s hard to watch my baby be put in cast after tiny cast, but I know in my heart that things could be so much worse.

I was there many hours a day for the 34 days my son was in NICU. I know our “roller coaster” was shorter and less painful than most. I thank God for it, but I won’t forget the beeping of his tiny neighbors. I won’t forget the hours of Kangaroo Care when his heart or breath would stop and nurses would rush over to look at him. No amusement park ride has ever been so horrifying.

Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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