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Spring School Pics

I love that his school does pictures in the spring and fall. He changes so much every week!

We are having a beautiful spring although this weekend is a bit cold and rainy for me.


This is the new family team quilt for the Greater Cincinnati March of Dimes chapter. It made me catch my breath. Our walk is Sunday.


Easter Vacation

We didn’t go anywhere, but it was the best Easter break ever! It was the first Easter since 2012 that we were able to go to church as a family.

We were able to have Drake’s baptism at the Easter vigil service, and Nana, Papa and Aunt Amy were able to be here! I am always excited to spend time with my folks. Since moving here 10 years ago, we rarely get to spend a holiday with them and visits tend to be around six months apart.

We filled a beautiful spring week with love, laughter, and memories. It was wonderful and just what I needed.

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I Think I Miss Isolation

Drake and I are sick…again. I know some of it is starting preschool. I just didn’t think I would actually miss isolation!┬áPeople are just not shy about sharing their germs with others.

At least two family members admitted to me that they felt under the weather before/at the birthday party, but instead of keeping their distance as they would have last year they thought it was safe to be around him. Safe or not, the poor kid has been sick since New Year’s Eve we could at least refrain from shoving germs in his face, am I right?

Spring is just 15 days away. Spring is just 15 days away.

I’m ready for some of this action:

1st swing at the park

1st swing at the park – April 2013


Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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