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Happy Father’s Day

Our Father’s Day fun was delayed a few days. Drake was sick all last week, and so we have some awesome family moments planned for our short jaunt to Chicago. Daddy and I are so very excited about this first away family adventure.

My husband is awesome. Friday night he had a “Dudes Night In” with Drake and one of his friends so I could go visit my girls and see a precious 3 month old and friend I haven’t spent much time with since D was born. She had a preschooler, so her house was off limits through all of our RSV isolation periods.

Since we needed to stay in, we decided to have an indoor campout Saturday night! We blew up our air mattress and had pjs, a Eureka marathon, and snacks.

Sunday morning, Drake gifted Daddy with his new “casual kilt” and I ran out to Frisch’s for some biscuits and gravy to bring back to the boys.

We had a blast just hanging out together this weekend in spite of our son’s sniffly summer cold. Wednesday will be our big city adventure. We’ll take the train to Wrigley from our hotel downtown for a tour. Then back to the room for a nap. Then some lunch and shopping on the Magnificent Mile, and a walk on the shores of Lake Michigan and Navy Pier.  Then we’ll head back to Cincy to pick up Gammy’s dog and head back to our home in NKY. No pictures of the sleepover, but I’m sure we’ll get a bunch of our adventures in Chicago this week.

It’s a good preview of what our BIG vacation to Arizona  and the Grand Canyon in two weeks will be like. First plane flight and week away from home. Trying to stay excited and not nervous! I’m still thinking about getting a prescription to be able to present to the TSA guys for his high cal formula needs. 🙂


Happy Father’s Day

Every time a child is born, so is a father. But it takes someone extra special to be a Daddy. My husband and our 16 week old 30 weeker have their own rituals already. From birth he has recognized his father’s voice and followed it or reacted. It warms my heart.

We’ve planned a few special things for my husband’s first Father’s Day. I hope he enjoys his day and it’s as awesome as he is. Drake’s daddy has his own memories from his birth that we have just recently started discussing. Like how my son’s first cries and breaths were actually coaxed along by my husband. Things that I didn’t know because I was so out of it on Mag and anesthesia and lack of sleep.

Drake’s Daddy thinks his son is awesome. I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Here is one of my favorites of our NICU shots, Drake holding his Daddy’s finger as he was held by him for the first time.

Melts my heart

Drake’s 3rd Birthday

February 20th, 2015

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